Available Subscriptions

SolAce EMC is available either on a Hosted version (SolAce EMC Hosted) or it can be installed and deployed at your site (SolAce EMC Enterprise). SolAce EMC Hosted is our most popular product. SolAce EMC Enterprise contains the same features but must be installed in your facility on your hardware.
For Health Plans wishing to reduce their paper claim submissions we offer SolAce for Health Plans. It contains the same features as SolAce Hosted but also contains many administrative features that lessen your on-boarding and administrative costs.
SolAce Hosted SolAce Enterprise SolAce for Health Plans
No hardware, modems or databases required. Installed in your facility on your hardware. You may require modem lines. All processing and hosting is performed within AXIOM's secure environment.
No need to have an IT staff. Runs on Windows, MAC OSX and Linux. All software, database, hardware, and secure communications required to perform the service is provided by AXIOM
Software is always Up-to-date. Runs on MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server. Call for details. Private Labeling including dedicated support telephone and fax services are available
Support an unlimited number of users. Can be deployed as a multi-site multi user offering. Single Sign on (SAML) available or other integration with health plan systems to support simple Provider on-boarding and support for Health Plan specific edits.
You just need high speed internet and Up-to-date browser. Contact us for a server sizing recommendation based on your transaction volumes and other requirements (LAN/WAN/Security, etc.) You choose the levels of support you want, either bring it all in house, or outsource it all to AXIOM.
Our software is deployed in a secured co-located facility connected to redundant high speed fiber lines on scalable hardware servers that ensure better than 99.5% system up-time. Providers can import data from practice management systems, key claims on-line or also allow 837 direct submitters to on-board and exchange transactions through SolAce